I always asked myself what makes a life a work of art, worth remembering. Walking among the ancient Italian monuments in my home country, I was inspired to leave my mark on history in my own way.

As a young boy my father always told me to “keep my feet on the ground”. Years later, I remembered his words and took their meaning literal and gained an understanding for how to look after them.

My desire was to convey the sensation of walking light-footed, while feeling secure and protected. The concept is closely connected to our “Belpaese”, our beautiful home country of Itlay, where comfort and well-being go hand in hand with beauty and exclusive design ideas.

Once you try our shoes, we guarantee, you will never want to stop wearing them.

The idea

My vision is brought to life by hard-working experts with skilled hands, who are craftsmen with heart and soul, using the ample resources of Italy. Together we share a common goal: attention to detail to deliver the perfect product....in all aspects.

Our mission is to interpret your wishes and to let your taste be the pencil in designing your ideal shoe together with us – a shoe that shows your individual style and I can be proud to be the maker of.


Throughout history there have always been people born with enough passion to fill many pages in their book of life. I am grateful for being one of these and for having had the opportunity of beginning my artistic path as an adolescent. After all, this is the dream of every young boy born with an Italian soul. I still remember my grandparents' tales. They instilled the love for a sense of duty, creativity and design in me and gave the world of shoes an artistic and artisanal essence.

My background is the foundation of my professional success, supported by an appreciable academic education.

Based on this gift called passion, I have been able to create personalized shoes for clients on every continent, satisfying every individual with a perfect fit.

This, and years of experience gained from working for the best brands of footwear have contributed to my now innate intuition and sophisticated taste when it comes to shoes.

Clients will never find anything ordinary in my collection. Our products are created from pure passion , that originates from my heart and is transferred to the beats of heels in the streets of the world.


Searching for the ideal shoe in the midst of many today, brings with it the difficulty of recognizing it among the layers of ordinary in shop windows.

In case of Zamparini Shoes, you don't need to look for our work, you just imagine it. You are the co-creator in every step and it is up to you to design the details and creative gems. We Italians are used to beauty everywhere. Our ability to interpret of your style and true craftsmanship will transform a good job into a work of art.

Zamparini where the heartbeat of creativity turns into the steps of your life.


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